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Butte Silver-Bow police are worried about an increase in prescription drug abuse in teens as young as 13-years-old.

According to police, the problem's serious enough that law enforcement is teaming up with schools and health officials to put an end to it.

Investigators said prescription drugs and party drug abuse is at an all time high in Butte.

"The biggest problem that we have is kids don't know what the effects will do to them and what effects they will have long term," Butte-Silver Bow Detective Kevin Maloughney said.

Butte law enforcement shared with NBC Montana the types of different drugs they believe more and more teens are using like molly, ecstasy, methadone and whatever prescription drugs they can get their hands on.

Then there's something called a fish bowl party.

Officers said that's where teens toss different pills into a bowl for others to reach in and take.

Butte High School Resource Officer Josh Stearns said the concept is not only scary, but life-threatening and has even led to kids in the hospital.

"It's a real dangerous thing to do that's why you see a lot of overdose and you see the deaths, because it's so dangerous," Officer Stearns said.

Officer Stearns said in Montana like other states prescription drug abuse is more dangerous than street drugs and causes more deaths.

"Last year it was over 300 deaths I think it was somewhere around 350 as compared to methamphetamine the number is around 8 deaths so it's unbelievable," Officer Stearns said.

According to Butte police 70 people die a day in the U.S. from prescription drug overdose.

Butte police said they are teaming up with local schools and health officials because it's time to educate the community and take a more aggressive approach to stopping the supply.

According to law enforcement actually catching fish bowl parties is no easy task. Officers I spoke to say that is where community members can make an impact.